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Welcome to the Peloton!!! You will have access to all the written content, video content, daily blog, monthly newsletter, and contracts in the website. This access is unlimited and the material contains everything you need to know to begin a real estate investing business. This is an insane value. You will not find this much anywhere else in one place for this price. At this level all customer service is done through email rather than by phone to keep costs down.

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Watch the race on TV. You will have access to all of the same content you had for $24.97 and we now add the ability to attend a webinar 2 nights a week that is 30-40 minutes of content and 20-30 minutes of questions and answers. These webinars will cover every aspect of real estate investing. At this level all customer service is done through email rather than by phone to keep costs down.



Write letters to your favorite racer. You will have access to all of the webinars, video content and now have access to email coaching. You will be able to email without limits an experienced real estate investor and experienced coach to answer all of your real estate questions. Our coaches are all active real estate investors and you may even get a response from Scott or Greg. Only the best will be responding to your questions. Fast response times. At this level all customer service is done through email rather than by phone to keep costs down.

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Welcome to radio access. This package includes all the video content, webinars, and email coaching. You have decided you need to talk to a coach and your serious about building your real estate business. You can easily afford the monthly fee and want more direct contact. You can have a weekly appointment with your coach and talk with your coach every day, once a week, or twice a month. You will have full access to your coach’s schedule and be able to set up appointments with one or all of our coaches. See coaching bios. Greg and Scott may even be the coach you speak with. Check out their schedules. Same day response time.

Breakaway Camps

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Attend the race in person. A three day hands on training event allowing you to learn and see what we do up close. We allow for networking with other students. These events are led by our Director Sportifs. All of our Directors have real world investing experience and have had great success in real estate, wealth building, marketing, finance, and investing. These events take place in Dayton, Oh and regionally throughout the United States.

At this level we have both email and phone customer service and you will be given our 800 number. You will also be given your coach’s direct phone number and email contact information.

Advanced BreakAway Camps


Personal Success Breakaway Camp

Wealth & Marketing Breakaway Camp

At this level we have both email and phone customer service and you will be given our 800 number. You will also be given your coach’s direct phone number and email contact information.



Ride in the team car. Our Trainers come to you and work on your deals in your market place and help you take your business to the next level. This is a custom made experience allowing you to level up in your life and your real estate business.

At this level we have both email and phone customer service and you will be given our 800 number. You will also be given your coach’s direct phone number and email contact information.



This action packed three-day event showcases the life of a real estate entrepreneur and giving you hands-on, in depth experience of what real estate investing is truly like.

Our students come to Dayton, OH where the heart of Scott and Greg’s real estate business is in full development. This exclusive event is held in the penthouse suite of one of their downtown Dayton buildings and is limited to 15 students.

Mentors attend the three days while Greg and Scott are there to answer questions, give tours, hang-out and completely pull back the curtain on their business. We walk through their downtown buildings. We do a driving tour of past complexes and houses they have purchased, rehabbed, and sold. They show you both commercial and residential properties. They show you low-income, section 8, and luxury homes they have invested in and made money on. The best breakfasts and lunches are catered in for your enjoyment. You will dine in excellent Dayton restaurants with accommodations at the Dayton Downtown Marriott.

During this event we show you how we purchased and funded these buildings. We introduce you to our entire team. You meet city leaders, bankers, contractors, real estate agents, tenants, architects, designers, our attorney, our title company, and every single person we can possibly bring in that is a part of our business and success. We show you the books and the real numbers. We show you our duplexes and how we got them and sold them. We show you houses we turned into home ownership. We walk you through our commercial tenant’s buildouts. We show you how we got city, state, and federal involvement to make our projects a reality and did it all without any of our own money or credit. You will see one million square feet of property in Ohio under our control and making money.

During this event we teach basic real estate principles anybody can use, follow, and leverage for a profitable return in real estate. Top three things to expect from attending this event;

A complete understanding of basic real estate investing principles for running a successful real estate business.
A complete look under the hood at over one million square foot real estate.
A complete understanding of what it means to start and own a real estate business and all that lifestyle entails.
During this event Scott, Greg, their team, and a mentor are there to answer every question with reality and truth. They are experts and have done 100’s of millions of dollars in real estate and 1,000’s of transactions in 34 different states.

This event also kicks off a contest for Breakaway Jerseys (Breakaway T-Shirts) with the other clients in attendance. Each event has 1 Jersey per winner;

A Yellow Jersey Winner: Person who purchases and controls the most real estate within 6 months after the event.
A Green Jersey Winner: Person who closes the first deal after an event.
A Polka-Dot Jersey Winner: Person who closes the Most Commercial Real Estate after an event.
A White Jersey Winner: Youngest person to close a deal after an event.
A Blue Jersey Winner: Each person who does a deal and makes a profit.
The price of attendance includes food, transportation to and from the event, and 3 nights’ hotel room. Each attendee is responsible for their airfare to and from Dayton, OH.


One-2-One mentoring is a personalized experience serving your highest needs. Below are the steps to take to ensure your success with the program.

Set a date for your Breakaway One-2-One mentor to visit you in the marketplace of your choice. This can be in your home market, or another area you are focusing on.
Call Breakaway customer service and request the dates for your two day One-2-One mentorship and the location to work withyour mentor.
7 days prior to arriving, your mentor will call you for aone-hour consultation to prepare you for the One-2-One mentorship. The Mentor will ask you to complete a few tasks and assignments during this preparatory call. You will discuss things like the type of real estate you are interested in, what are your goals, and what have you done up to this point?
Two set dates, you will have a with your mentor to set up a meeting location; Bring a pen and a notepad. Be prepared to drive neighborhoods, look at possible investment opportunities, and work with a real estate agent.

The focus of this mentorship is to take the next steps in your real estate business and learn the best way to look at and utilize your market place. You will learn things like how to take the best advantage of what is going on in your area of choice? Remember to have an open mind and a mind for the best options available in your market place based on your goals and desires.

All breakaway Real Estate Camps and Breakaway 0ne-2-One mentorships include follow-up email coaching for 3 months after the mentor’s departure. Each One-2-One mentorship is different as each student’s progress, market, and goals are unique. Our mentors are experts, and flexible to help you succeed with any type of real estate and/or market place. Remember 80% of your success is your own mindset . The mentor is there to help you have the best possible mindset towards your real estate progress, market, and goals.


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